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Jun 7, 2014

Feeling his absence.

Being in a relationship can be straight up weird at times.

I don’t believe in any person being your other half. You’re either complete in Christ or you’re not. But it’s like I’ve never quite felt the depth of someone’s absence before as when I’m away from Matt.

It doesn’t make me sad or lonely (most of the time), but it just feels like "Wait, he should be here…"

Matthew has made such an impact in my heart and life that a crater of hope and strength is left when he’s away. And I feel it. All the time. It never leaves.

Maybe this is just because the relationship is young. Or maybe it’s just one of the building blocks upon which an even stronger and Godly and more glorious relationship will develop and prevail.`

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Beach Picnic | Sarah Sherman Samuel
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Beach Picnic | Sarah Sherman Samuel

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Apr 13, 2014

I think…

I just might have a BOYFRIEND…

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